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Bill Gates once said “content is king”. Every man, woman, child, and their cat has a blog, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel nowadays, but that doesn’t mean their content is valuable. You need to create value, stand out, and engage your customers – quality is king.

Marketing has changed. Never before have so many people been so knowledgeable, aware and, as a result, immune to advertising. To reach customers that are turned off by the age-old approaches requires you to give them something new, valuable and engaging to attract their attention.

By entertaining, teaching and inspiring your target market, you can create a bond far greater than by simply asking them to buy your product. Delivering original, creative content to your customers via a smart and analytical method is the only way forward.

Search & Conversion
SEO, SEM and CRO services – all designed to increase traffic and increase revenue with a heavy focus on quality.
Video is fast becoming a key piece of everyones content strategy, with 6 billion hours of video watched on Youtube per month there’s little wonder why.
We all want more traffic, quality traffic that is practically a molten hot lead, that means pioneering educational content that gets seen.
How do all of those 12,000+ successful crowdfunding projects grow so fast, so quickly? They start the marketing process early.
Social Media
We’ll get you more than just ‘Likes’ and ‘Follows’, we’ll look to drive traffic to you, then focusing on turning that traffic into revenue.
You may need a combination of our services and we’re happy to offer that. We’ll go through the motions and create the perfect solution.

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    Ads Are Coming To Snapchat
    Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Snapchat, the app famous for destroying your message instantly after being viewed by the recipient, is set to enable news, video clips and, most significantly, advertisements on its platform. With even the largest social media giants still battling to ensure reliable revenue streams through their service, it would appear as though Snapchat […]
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  • Buzzfeed & Upworthy Beware – Facebook Changes ‘Click Bait’ Algorithm
    Buzzfeed & Upworthy Beware – Facebook Changes ‘Click Bait’ Algorithm
    We’ve all slowly got used to Facebook constantly changing their algorithms, though they certainly don’t carry the kind of clout Google’s changes do, but this one is hopefully going to reclaim many lost minutes of your day. Facebook’s announcement, which provides an example of what is they’re trying to stop, defines click bait as: “when a publisher posts […]
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  • Change This & Your Social Media Strategy Will Work
    Change This & Your Social Media Strategy Will Work
    I’ve been part of many discussions, by which I mean arguments, on forums and blogs alike and almost all have been in the name of social media – specifically to ensure that it doesn’t become the ugly duckling in the world of digital marketing. This is what I’m up against: “It doesn’t do anything for business […]
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